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Rainbow nails tutorial

Hey everybody! I uploaded my rainbow nails tutorial on Instagram hours ago and totally forgot to post about it here. Whoopsie!!!

rainbow-nails-tutorial (1)

rainbow-nails-tutorial (3)

Rainbow nails tutorial

For my rainbow nails I used Color Club Evolution, Twiggie, Almost Famous, East Austin, Flamingo and Wicker Park.

These polishes look absolutely fantastic together, Color Club should have released them all as one set!!

rainbow-nails-tutorial (7)

As of tools you only need a toothpick and some fast dry nail polish as you will be using very thick layers of colour.

You can see how I created the rainbow nails from the super quick video tutorial below.

After applying the top coat I recommend you to sit tight for at least 30 – 60 minutes to make sure the thick layers of colour dry properly. I relaxed and watched a TV show and walked away with flawless dent free nails ;)

rainbow-nails-tutorial (5)

rainbow-nails-tutorial (4)

Thanks for checking out my rainbow nails tutorial xxx

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