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Blog sale!!!

Hi, I have pretty much ran out of polish space and decided to sell/give away some of my dear (and not so dear lol) polishes. I have never had a blog sale before but I can imagine it shouldn’t be too difficult. Below you can see all the polishes and their names (and swatches where possible).

At the end of the post you can see the polishes I am giving away. Each person can choose one free polish for every full size polish they have bought- so if you decide to buy two polishes you can choose two free polishes. If you buy 4 polishes and choose 4 free polishes you have to pay double postage as I can only post 4 polishes per package. I am not going to list the names of the free polishes and just number them so make sure to include the numbers of the polishes you wish.

4 polishes are posted for £2.80, 8 for £5.60 etc. All sales are UK only!!! Email me at [email protected] or send me a message via Facebook with the list of polishes you’d like and I will send you my paypal info. All payments friends/family only. Please note that all sales are final. I will post proof of postage when the items are posted.

Blog-sale (3)

Left to right:

OPI It’s Totally Forth Worth It £2.50

OPI Pedal Faster Suzy!!! £2.50

OPI Pussy Galore £4.00

OPI Girl Color £3.50

OPI You Callin Me A Lyre?  £2.50

OPI Happy Anniversary £2.50

Blog-sale (4)

Left to right:

OPI A Roll In The Hague £2.00 (Please note this polish has a small crack on the bottle as it fell off the shelf once, you can see it above the letter ‘P’. The polish is undamaged however.)

OPI Push & Pur-Pull £4.00

OPI Did It On’em £2.50

OPI Disco Ball Sparkle £3.50

OPI Golden Rainbow £3.50

Blog-sale (5)

OPI Sheer Tints mini collection £5.00

Blog-sale (6)

Left to right:

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar base coat £3.50

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar top coat £3.50

Poshe top coat £4.00

Blog-sale (2)

Left to right:

Nails Inc. Sheraton Street £2.00

Nails Inc. Hyde Park Corner £2.00

Nails Inc. Lowndes Square £2.00

Nails Inc. Porchester Square  £2.00

Nails Inc. Brunswick Gardens £2.00

Nails Inc. Jermyn Street £2.00

Nails Inc. South Street  £2.00

Blog-sale (1)

Left to right:

Barry M Princess £2.00

Seventeen Cameo Crush £2.00

ORLY It’s Up To Blue £3.00

ORLY Green With Envy £3.00

Liquid Sky Lacquer Shanel’s Cyan £5.00

Femme Fatale Apothecary £6.00

Blog-sale (14)

Left to right:

Zoya Destiny £4.00

Zoya Beatrix £4.00

Gosh Frosted Soft Blue £1.50

Gosh Frosted Soft Green £1.50

Gosh Frosted Soft Pink £1.50

Gosh Frosted Soft Coral £1.50


Pick one item per full size polish purchase.

Blog-sale (8)

Left to right:


Blog-sale (7)

Left to right:

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

Blog-sale (9)

Left to right:

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.

Blog-sale (10)

Left to right:

22, 23 (glow in the dark), 24, 25 (crackle), 26, 27, 28, 29.

Blog-sale (11)

Left to right:

30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37.

Blog-sale (12)

Left to right:

38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46.

Blog-sale (13)


Happy shopping!!! xoxox

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