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Revlon Street Wear Moody

Hello there. I have Revlon Street Wear Moody to show you which is a vintage Revlon nail polish from about mid 90ies (purely a guess tho :P). Moody is a sheer beige polish with a strong light blue shimmer. This polish is so sheer that it needs four coats, yes FOUR! This polish seems to be the worst ever- ugly colour, horribly visible nail line and the colour making my tips look super-yellow! In addition, it needs four coats and even with that many coats is not even close to being opaque. Revlon could not have been serious when they released this ‘baby’ lol.

Revlon-Street-Wear-Moody (1)

Revlon-Street-Wear-Moody (2)

Revlon-Street-Wear-Moody (3)

Overall I would not wear this polish in public :P I pretty much purchased it because it is so ugly and was not plan to actually wear it. There was a theme week in one of the facebook groups earlier this month about the ugliest polish but I didn’t have time to post it back then. So here it is- the ugliest polish of my collection!

Thanks for reading! xoxox

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