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Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit review

Hello and happy Bank Holiday weekend!!! Tonight I am here with Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit review.

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Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit review

Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit is a gel polish set consisting of a small LED lamp, base and topcoat (2 in 1), gel polish in Catwalk Red, sanding block, finishing liquid and lint free wipes.

Basically everything you need for a quick gel polish manicure :) It also comes with a leaflet that explains how to apply and remove the gel polish.

The kit doesn’t provide products to remove the gel but directs what products are needed for a safe removal (basically just acetone, foil and cotton wool).

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The application of this gel polish was very easy. I noticed the gel to get a bit bubbly when applying but the bubbles seemed to self level themselves out before curing so it’s cool.

On the swatches I am wearing 3 thin coats of Catwalk Red. Catwalk Red is a classic creme red colour gel polish.

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The brush was short and flat, just the perfect size for polishing near cuticles (I didn’t even need to clean up!). The top/base coat brush did get a lot of the colour on when applying the top coat so it needs to be cleaned after each use.

It took 60 seconds to cure each coat of the gel polish. The LED lamp has a timer which is great. It’s a very small lamp so I cured 4 fingers at a time and then thumbs together (I usually do this with a bigger lamp too to be honest).

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The finish of this gel polish is so beautiful and glossy!

Overall a nice gel polish kit for someone who is looking for a small, easy to use gel polish kit for home use.

Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit will be available at HQ Hair soon. You can also check out other fabulous Rio nail products here.

Thanks for reading Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish starter kit review! xxx


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