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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte top coat

Hello and happy first of May! First of all, I really intended to post more during April, but you know how it is with working full time and having a fair share of other hobbies and interests. I do have a couple of posts planned for May. I am confident that they will be up within the week or two.  So, today I am showing you a couple of looks using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte top coat, a new addition to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat range.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte top coat review

Most noteworthy, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte top coat dries very fast which is always a bonus, but seems like a trait of most matte top coats I have used. Furthermore, the polish comes in a large 14.7ml bottle which is great as it is likely going to last you a while. The polish dries into a very smooth velvety finish and hence, is very trendy ;) All in all, it is definitely one of the nicest matte finishes. Consequently, it comes with a £9.99 per bottle price tag which is certainly not the cheapest on the high street.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitti with Matte top coat

Also, if you want to see the non-matte version of Greyfitty, check out the swatches here.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Regal Rose with Matte top coat stamping

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Tidal Wave with Matte top coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Tank with Matte top coat dots

I hope you have enjoyed my matte nail art looks. While I am confident you enjoyed my looks, even more Sally Hansen looks are available via #SallySquad hashtag on Instagram.

Thanks for reading! xxx


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