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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Hello, I hope your December is going as well as mine :) I have a fair few Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish swatches to show you tonight.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitty

Greyfitty is a light grey polish with creme finish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Rhapsody Red

Rhapsody Red is a cherry red creme polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Game of Chromes

Game of Chromes is a light gold polish with metallic finish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Terra-Coppa

Terra-Coppa is a bronze polish with metallic finish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Spice Age

Spice Age is a dark brown polish full of bronze flakes.

All the polishes swatched were great formula wise. In addition, the colours are just stunning. The polishes were opaque in two easy coats. I think both of the metallic polishes are just perfect for Christmas and that light grey would wow me every time of the year. From the five polishes my favourites were Game of Chromes as due to the name being so creative lol. My second favourite was Spice Age, seeing the swatches I am sure you understand why ;)

You can check out my other Sally Hansen swatches here.

You can purchase these and many more Sally Hansen nail polishes from Superdrug.

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