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The Edge Nails Mirror Gloss

The Edge Nails Mirror Gloss was a product that caught my eye when I was browsing The Edge Nails catalogue (find it here). I have been after a polish that would make my natural nails look naturally polished.

The Edge Nails Mirror Gloss review

Here’s how my nails looked before:

And here’s how they looked after:

As of the gloss factor, the polish is not glossier than other top coats I own. What really sold it to me was the drying time. When applying one layer on natural nail this polish was dry in 45 seconds. Yes, I measured with a stopwatch. Tacky in 15 seconds and then fully dry feeling in 45 seconds. I couldn’t believe it, never seen a polish dry that fast!! Have you?

It is great for when you are in a hurry and want to give your natural nails a quick polish. You know, before leaving the house and rushing off to work.

I can also see this product being very useful for acrylic nails to give them a polished finish without having to use gel polish.

Using it as a normal top coat, the drying time was increased significantly. Like from 45 seconds to a couple of minutes to be fully dry. Probably due to the polish underneath taking it’s time to dry.

To conclude, this is as a pretty awesome product. Especially for a specific purpose, which is to give nails quick glossy finish. I was expecting a nice glossy finish, which this polish has, but also got a product that dries so fast I can start doing my nails just 2 minutes before rushing off the door lol. I know I’m not the only one who always leaves doing nails too late.

This product is available at The Edge Nails and retails for £4.95.


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