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Colors by Llarowe Banana Smoothie

Hello and happy Saturday! Now, today I have something very beautiful to show you. Colors by Llarowe Banana Smoothie is a polish I would normally not go for, but the swatches intrigued me so much that I couldn’t resist it.

I purchased the polish from Rainbow Connection and it was (and still is!) on sale costing £10.12 per bottle. It isn’t the most amazing sale as the usual price is £11. However, this price is very reasonable for a polish which contains the original (according to the website) unicorn pee pigment.

What is unicorn pee?

Unicorn pee is a very unique pigment and it is not manufactured any more. It is a shimmer pigment which has a very strong duo-chrome effect ranging from molten orange to green. In my opinion, the most famous polish containing the original unicorn pee is Clarins 230 (swatched here). I am sure you have heard about this polish before :)

Banana smoothie is a pale yellow crelly polish full of unicorn pee pigment. It also contains some other unicorn pee type of pigment that appears to be slightly larger.

On the swatches below I am wearing two coats with no top coat. Application of this polish was easy and it dried so, so fast! It is quite sheer, but this is necessary. If the polish was too opaque, the beautiful unicorn effect would disappear.

Furthermore, the sheer finish makes this polish also a beautiful topper. I have worn it a number of times. The crelly base changes the base colour slightly, for example when I wore it on top of a neon pink polish, it ended up being a neon peach look. I’m so sorry I didn’t take photos of this look.

I did take photos wearing it on top of a green vintage No7 polish. It really looks stunning, scroll down for the photos.

Banana Smoothie over No7 Bermuda

I will swatch Bermuda on it’s own soon to give you a better idea how it looks without Banana Smoothie.

To conclude, Colors by Llarowe Banana Smoothie is very versatile. It looks beautiful when worn on it’s own, but also as a topper. I think the polish has a fair price as it is unique, you wouldn’t get anything like that from the high street. Big love from me overall.

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Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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