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Valentine’s Day look

Hello all! Today I have a Valentine’s Day look to show you featuring three OPI’s from JustMyLook. All three are from the 50 Shades of Grey collection.

valentines-day-look-featuring-justmylook (1)

valentines-day-look-featuring-justmylook (6)

On my middle and index fingers I am wearing Cement the Deal, a light grey polish with creme finish.

On my ring and pinky fingers I am wearing Romantically Involved, a deep red polish with creme finish.

On my thumb and as the nail art on my middle finger I am wearing Dark Side of the Mood, a dark grey polish with pearl finish.

valentines-day-look-featuring-justmylook (12)

valentines-day-look-featuring-justmylook (4)

I think these three polishes are perfect for a feminine Valentine’s Day look :) Thanks for reading! xxx

You can buy the featured OPI polishes from JustMyLook for £8.35 each (including FREE delivery).


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