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Vintage Rose Nail Art

It’s been a while since I have shown you actual freehand nail art. I wear some form of nail art almost all the time my nails are painted, but recently have been too lazy to take photos and write a blog post. However, the vintage rose nail art I created earlier today came out rather nice and I just had to take photos and show it off.

The look was inspired but a well know rose-nail-art-queen Paulina from Paulina’s Passions.

Vintage Rose Nail Art

I used Butter London ‘Fruit Machine’ and OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ as the base colours. I then stamped the stripes using Colour Alike ‘Mint’. I then used pink, white and green acrylic painst to pain the flowers. Topped it all off with Poshe fast dry top coat.

Love the results!

Vintage Rose Nail Art (6)

Vintage Rose Nail Art (5)

Vintage Rose Nail Art (2)

I painted both of my hands but only managed to get a crappy phone shot for the two-hand photo, hope you don’t mind :)

Vintage Rose Nail Art (1)

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