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Water spotted nails tutorial

Hey all, I have the water spotted nails tutorial for you today. I have been amazed with the beautiful water spotted nails I have been seeing around blogs, however trying the perfume technique first time I wasn’t pleased. I rarely use perfume on myself (just body mist after shower- I hate the strong smell of perfume) and after doing the water dotted nails with perfume my nails STANK, I hated it and I think I never even posted the nails. Anyway, I have found a great replacement for the perfume- rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits). It is available in Boots and a huge bottle costs about 4 pounds. You also need a small spray bottle to put the rubbing alcohol in. Rubbing alcohol does have some un-describable smell, however it disappears fast and doesn’t stay on your hands. Here’s the other things you need:

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (12)

Base coat and base color,color(s) for the pattern,top coat (I used matte).

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (13)

Bowl with water, rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit), spray bottle.

First I started off with polishing my nails turquoise blue with Barry M Guava. I then decided to do the first layer of water spots with golden nail polish using Ciate Sand Dune. Here is how I did it:

20130816-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (14)

Pretty simple. The golden pattern looked lovely and delicate. I did like the glossy finish, however decided to try it with a matte top coat.

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (6)

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (4)

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (1)


Anyway, I LOVED the matte (might be because I am totally addicted to matte atm :P).I then added the next coat of water spots. I pretty much repeated every step as above with Barry M Black. Here is how it went:

20130816-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (15)


Again, decided to throw in some matte and loved it even more!

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (7)

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (8)

20090101-water-spotted-nails-tutorial (10)

I hope these tutorials have been helpful and I am looking forward to seeing your turquoise (or any other color!) water spotted nails soon :D

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Friday!!! <3

Just for the curious, here are the stinky (and ugly!) nails I did few months ago:

colorful nails (1)


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