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Barry m daylight curing nail polish

Hello! There’s a new collection of polishes on the market- Barry M Sunset. As many other nail polish enthusiasts, I was intrigued. And confused… Will it only cure in the daylight? What if I do my nails at night? What if it’s cloudy (like every day in England) If it cures, how will I be able to remove it? etc.

To my luck there was a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug and I managed to grab three of the Sunset range polishes for about £10 (usual price £4.99). And I got a free make up bag too! ;)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (12)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (15)

The polishes come with strict directions. First you need to polish two layers of the Sunset nail paint and then apply Sunset top coat (there is also a warning that no other top coat will work). And then your nails will cure naturally in daylight which ensures a long lasting pro manicure effect. But if you don’t have any daylight handy your room’s artificial light will do the job as well (info from the fb page). So basically it doesn’t matter what light you have around you.

I was very curious about the deal with the sunlight curing. I experimented in a completely dark bathroom and painted my nails as directed and sat there for about 10 minutes. I left the bathroom with perfectly dry (but messy!!!) nails. Firstly, I would like to mention that it is a lot harder to paint your nails in a completely dark bathroom. Secondly, it is rather boring to sit in a completely dark bathroom for 10 minutes. But I did it and to my experience, there was no difference in me sitting in a dark bathroom or at my table with daylight and artificial lights around me. So, YES, Barry M Sunset nail polish will work in dark and at night.

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (1)

As of the polishes I was pleased seeing nice flat brushes which made the application an excellent experience. One of the brushes didn’t have perfect bristles however :(

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (14)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (13)

Barry M Sunset For The Stars

For The Stars is a coral pink polish with creme finish. On the swatches I am wearing a base coat, two coats of polish and Sunset Topcoat. Overall great formula and beautiful colour. I would give it a 10 but a 9 have to do because the brush wasn’t perfect.

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (2)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (5)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (7)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (6)


Barry M Sunset Make Me Teal

Make Me Teal is a blue polish with teal undertones and creme finish. On the swatches I am wearing a base coat, two coats of polish and Sunset Topcoat. Again, lovely opaque formula and flawless application. A bit hard to capture tho. I’m giving it a ten, such a pretty polish and good formula, brush etc.

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (8)


The below photo is the most accurate colour imo. But it depends on the screen you are using.

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (9)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (10)

barry-m-daylight-curing-nail-polish (11)

Overall both of the polishes were great to apply. The Sunset Topcoat would also get a rating of 10, well maybe not quite 10 because apparently you can only use it with other Sunset polishes (this is actually like a huge minus!). It did work with a non Sunset polish actually (but would the longevity be affected?). It’s super glossy, one of the glossiest top coat finishes I’ve seen in a while and also fast drying.

But the daylight curing mumbo jumbo?… I personally think this collection could have done without it, especially if it doesn’t even actually work. It’s stupid. Almost ruined the whole collection for me as it made me sceptical. These polishes and the top coat are excellent, why to advertise it with some no uv bla bla curing bla bla sunlight? In my opinion it only confuses people. What do you think?

Thanks for reading xxx


P.S. It comes off easy with normal nail polish remover, just like normal nail polish.

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  1. Tracey

    These are beautiful colours and a super glossy finish which i love, hopefully the 3 for 2 will run into next week and I might sneakily grab some ( even though I shouldn’t!) xx

    • A.J.

      Thank you, hope you managed to sneak some in your basket :)

  2. Sarah

    Interesting post AJ, thanks for writing it, especially so soon after they’ve been released!

    To be honest these polishes don’t interest me at all and didn’t even when I first heard about them. Personally I don’t really see the point of polishes that need a specific special topcoat – I’d prefer to just use my generic polishes with my generic topcoat! Also, I don’t think the colours are anything really special – not anything I don’t have before.

    I suppose it’s because to me, whether nail polish lasts a long time or not isn’t something I really care about as I change my nails so often. Maybe to someone that really wants long-lasting wear these polishes may be appealing!
    Sarah recently posted…Easter Bunny EarsMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Thank you for the comment, it is true- not many people actually want a polish that would last for 10 days :D but if it really works it’s great for people who like to keep theirs on for that long :D

  3. Nice to read your first impressions. I also don’t see the point of the ‘sunlight curing’ since it’s not gel polish and will look out for a review that tests the longevity as well. Not sure if it will wear longer than regular polish..
    Lucie from Lucy’s Stash recently posted…Tutorial: Marbled Easter Eggs with Gold AccentsMy Profile

    • A.J.

      I wore it for 24h and it was fine but have heard some people say that theirs started chipping very fast. I wish I had the time to test polishes for longer but I tend to get bored of same colour very easy lol

  4. Gina

    Nice post, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who had trouble capturing the teal

    • A.J.

      Thank you :)

  5. Mandy


    Thanks for this, but you didn’t answer your own question about removal. Did it just come off like normal nail polish?


    • A.J.

      I surely would have mention it if not! :D Yes it comes off very easy with normal nail polish remover.

  6. TheGoodbyeGirl

    I have just been to Derby and saw these in Superdrug, can’t say they excited me, the colours weren’t that special so I got 2 Gellys and a glitter in the 3 for 2 instead.


    • A.J.

      Yeah I wasn’t too excited about the colours but found my two :D

  7. Maxine Lee

    Great review! Love these shades :)
    Maxine Lee recently posted…Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint Collection 2015My Profile

    • A.J.

      Thank you :)

  8. Amy

    I love that you painted your nails in a dark bathroom! That’s the kind of thing I would do as an experiment, but now I don’t have to hehe so thank you!
    Amy recently posted…Purple Ombré Nail Art with Silver Glitter StripesMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Haha my pleasure!!

  9. Question

    Does it not work with other top coats? What happens if I use a different branded top coat?

    • A.J.

      It works with other top coats too but I assume they say so because it may not last the 10 days they promise without this special top coat. But if you like the colours I wouldn’t hesitate using them with other top coat.

  10. Alicia

    I bought these today, do you have to use it with light or can you use it like a normal nail varnish? Slightly confusing… love the post though!


    • A.J.

      Alicia you don’t need any light, just use it as normal nail polish. I am glad you like it :)

  11. Clare

    I found these great because the daylight top coat made the varnish set (or ‘cure’) in sunlight almost straight away. As a mum of two three year olds I don’t get a lot of time to put varnish on and usually it gets smudged before it dries fully. I’m just hoping it lasts well. Anything more than a couple of days would impress me as I wash my hands so often.

    • A.J.

      That’s good to hear :)

  12. Alli

    Your photos look amazing. I cannot wait to try. It really looks like a salon Gel as opposed to paint at home finish! I have literally 100s of nail polish but cannot wait to try this one. A lot of the manufacturers are bringing out this daylight cure formula. OPI one is supposed to be great too but obviously pricey!! Thank you.

    • A.J.

      Thank you, I hope you like them :)

  13. sheila d

    I’m always sceptical when manufacturers say something only works with their own other products so I just bought the top coat and put it on over my current favourite ( a regular Revlon polish). So far, so flawless! Excellent news! X

    • A.J.

      Yeah I think it still works but may not last as long as with the barry m polishes, but it's really nice and glossy and dries very fast too! :)

  14. Klutzygem

    I found the topcoat works amazingly well over regular polish. I got chips with the sunset colours but using just the topcoat over other types of polish it just lasts and lasts. When a ball I was failing to catch hit my fingernail the other day, it didnt break or even chip even though underneath my finger is bruised. This is a world apart from my normal manicures that rarely last 12 hours.

    • A.J.

      Oh wow that is really good!!

  15. jojo

    I really like this product! Hopefully they will release more colours as I have the nude and pink. I work in retail and nice nails and nail varnish doesnt last the day but I found this one to be more durable.

    • A.J.

      Oh this is very cool! If normal nail polish doesn’t last maybe try gel polish, if applied right it should last for weeks!

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