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MoYou Nails review

Hello and happy Monday!!! Today I have MoYou stamping polishes and plates review for you guys. MoYou Nails have kindly sent me three of their stamping polishes and plates to try out. Let’s see how they worked :)


The first plate I used was image plate 97 and black stamping polish. I liked the cursive font  and was inspired to create papyrus paper look on my nails. I stamped my index, middle and pinky fingers and freehanded the Egyptian God on my ring finger.

20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (36) 20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (32)

The stamping polish and plate both worked well giving me a perfectly sharp image. The stamp was just one or two mm too short for my index and middle nail so I added an extra row by stamping only my tip. I finished the look with matte top coat.

20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (36) 20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (33)

Next up I was eager to try plate 222 and the pink stamping polish.

20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (2) 20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (38)

Again, fabulous results :) The pink stamping polish performed better than I would of expected and the image came out crisp and clean. 222 stamp was longer than no 97 and covered the length of my nail perfectly, However, it was a bit on the thinner side and I had to re-stamp on the sides (middle and ring finger).

20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (37) 20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (1)

This plate also has a Christmas image which I decided to use with the black stamping polish.

20131207-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (29) 20131207-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (28)

I am not sure why I decided to go with a pink base again, maybe green or red would of been better for the Christmas mood but the luxurious stamp speaks for itself.

Lastly, I used plate 217 and golden stamping polish.

20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (6) 20131208-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (3)

This plate was the best size covering my whole nail. The golden polish was good too, quite vibrant on a dark base. Images on this plate were very detailed which I love. Here’s two more I tried out- aren’t they just gorgeous!?!

20131207-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (31) 20131207-MoYou-stamping-polishes-and-plates-review (30)

Thanks for checking out this long and picture heavy post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating these nails :)


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  1. Lucy's Stash

    Nice post although I find it so confusing that there are two companies with the same name :(

  2. nyota

    hey, every time i see stamping post on any nail polish site i'm pretty mad. because. i have pretty decent stamping plate (konad), but i'm not able to do any decent stamping nail art. i think i maybe use wrong kind of nail polish (although it's says on mine that it's dedicated to stamping art). could you write maybe what kind of nail polish is the best for stamping? i specificaly have in mind right density or any characteristics like that and not specific manufacturers, because i'm from poland and have different choice in nail polishes on the market than you :)

    i have the same problem with water marbles – i'm not able to find right kind of nail polish :)

    • Nail_Lacquer

      A polish that is good for stamping should be very opaque, sometimes they're a bit thicker formula and gooey but the MoYou ones were not and they still gave me great results. I am curious what happens when you try to stamp? If the polish smudges and image is not clear it may be that you are pressing too hard on the stamper when transferring the image on the nail (mistake I used to make a lot). Sometimes trying out many times helps too- let's say pick 10 polishes and start testing them for water marble- it may take a lot of playing around before you find the right polishes and method.

      • nyota

        usualy when stamping i get no image at all, or it's messy already on the stamper tool. i have konad plate and stamping set from essence (i bought konad plate because i thought that essence plate is the problem). i was trying different nail polishes, but got bored after an hour. i want to get to it again, so maybe your hints will motivate me enough, thanks :)

        and of course it goes without saying that i like your blog, have it by rss so i don't miss anything. your ideas are inspiring :)

        • Nail_Lacquer

          Thank you! Just to make it clear- did you remove the thin plastic cover from the plate before using it? Sometimes it's blue but sometimes it's transparent and covers the whole plate. Hope you'll get better results next time :)

          • nyota

            yes, i did remove that plastic cover from the plate. problem is, that in 20 tries only one stamp was nice looking. so i cant imagine doing 10 nails this way.

            but stamping looks so cool.. i'll definitly try again :)

  3. prettypolishes

    There are two Mo You's?!!! Crikey, didn't know that!!!

    But I love your stamping by the way, perfectly done!

  4. Anni

    I ordered some of these plates today, so exited to use them. I really like what you did with those.

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  5. Lustrous Lacquer

    Those plates stamped really well. I really liked the colors you used for plate 222.
    My recent post The 12 days of X-mas Mani's day 5: Bells

  6. Cajka

    I love how you did the papyrus manicure and the gold stamping. The 217 image plate is one of my favourites.
    My recent post MoYou Nails 204

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  8. Vicky Loves Nails

    Loving the papyrus nail art!
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  9. Merav Clary

    Are moyou stamping polish free of 3?

    • A.J.

      Good question! Looking at the ingredients list on the bottle they appear to be yes but just to be 100% sure I\’d ask them directly.

      • merav clary

        i’ve emailed them. waiting for response.

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