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31 Day Challenge- Inspired By a Movie

Hello my friends,

Hope you had a great Saturday, mine was busy doing a bit voluntary work but mostly shopping :) Didn’t buy any nail polishes because already bought quite a few this month and now not buying til April. Only week til April so not long left, I did spot lovely W7 colors in Bargain Madness the other day and secretly hoping they will be still there in a weeks time :))

Today’s challenge was inspired by a movie. It was quite hard to choose because I have seen so many great movies but there’s only few that have inspired me with amazing colors and the “looks” of the movie. I decided to go with one of the most beautiful 3D movie I have ever seen, Alice in Wonderland. I recommend it to anyone who haven’t seen it yet.

alice in wonderland nails image

alice in wonderland nails image
alice in wonderland nails image
Here’s an extra photo of my most favorite character, the cat.
Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow to see my “Inspired by a book” nails :))

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