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Beautybay nail treatments

Hi all! Today was my first day back and I’m already feeling exhausted lol. This week in the blog brings some exiting posts ;) Today I’m talking about the new Beautybay nail treatments.

Beautybay released three new treatments last month: BeautyBay The Collection Cuticle OilBeautyBay The Collection5 in 1 Nail Treatment and BeautyBay The Collection Drop Dry.

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BeautyBay The Collection Cuticle Oil

The first thing I noticed about the cuticle oil was the amazing lemony smell which I loved. It was easy to apply on the cuticles and really moisturised and nourished them.

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BeautyBay The Collection 5 in 1 Nail Treatment

5 in 1 Nail Treatment worked perfectly as a base and a top coat.

As a base it provided a nice smooth base to apply polish on.

As a top it dried into a beautiful glossy finish and didn’t take long to dry which was a huge bonus.

I applied it under and over Buk nail polish which I got from my recent visit to Estonia. Also note my moist cuticles- the nail oil sure worked fast ;)

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BeautyBay The Collection Drop Dry

Drop Dry fastened the drying time of my nail polish but in my opinion didn’t work much faster than the 5 in 1 Nail Treatment. Probably best to use when you don’t want to add another layer of top coat but wish the polish to dry faster.

beautybay-nail-treatments (4)

Each of the Beautybay nail treatments cost £5 and you can order them via

Thanks for checking out my Beautybay nail treatments review. xxx


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