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Bees Knees Look What She Made Me Do

Hello! I have another new-to-the- blog brand to show you today, Bees Knees Look What She Made Me Do.

Truth to be told, I do not know much about Bees Knees. As many indies, it’s an american brand. I stumbled upon the polish while browsing the good old Rainbow Connection online shop. I was mainly chasing for unicorn pee pigment polishes and this beauty did not disappoint.

Look What She Made Me Do is a bright red crelly polish full of unicorn pee pigment. Firstly, it contains the original unicorn pee pigment which has long been discontinued. Somehow a number of indie polish makers managed to source some unused pigment and therefore a bunch of beautiful polishes floated the market at around 2018-ish? In short, it’s a very special and unique pigment found in the rarest polishes of them all. For example, one of the most iconic vintage polishes, Clarins 230, is packed with it.

Look What She Made Me Do does not demonstrate the green side of the pigment too well, but the bright molten shimmer really raises this red polish to the next level.

On the swatches I am wearing two coats of polish with no top coat. The formula of this polish was flawless and the drying time excellent. There is literally nothing that could knock a point off the overall quality of the polish. However, I decided to reduce half a point because of the price. A bottle of this beauty sets you back a whopping £15!

Thanks for checking out my Bees Knees Look What She Made Me Do swatches! xxx

Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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