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Sweet Color nail polish review

Good morning! Born Pretty Store Sweet Color nail polish review for you today. I have reviewed many lovely nail polishes from Born Pretty Store such as the cute Yogurt polishes and the great stamping polishes, however this is a bit different as it’s their flaky glitter topper nail polish. The item ID is 7039 (click to see it in store).

Born-Pretty-store-sweet-color-nail-polish-review (5)

After applying this polish I was amazed- it was really easy to apply and the results were flawless. With just one coat the topper gives a lovely coverage and the flakes are nice and soft leaving a gorgeous smooth finish (no top coat used in the photos).

Born-Pretty-store-sweet-color-nail-polish-review (4)

These flakes are very duo chrome and you can almost see a rainbow on your nails, green and orange are the main colors that stand up the most.

Born-Pretty-store-sweet-color-nail-polish-review (6)

This polish is gorgeous and I am keen to try out some more as there is a choice of 11 colours from this range.


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