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Easy gradient nails tutorial

Hello and happy Wednesday! This week is not going fast enough :/ I am looking forward to the weekend as I am going to Leeds festival! I am a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys and haven’t had a chance so see them live but finally will do on Sunday. To pass my time today I have made an easy gradient nails tutorial. I was talking about gradient nails with my friends the other day and found it a bit hard to explain how I am exactly moving the sponge lol. So this tutorial is a very quick one just to show how I do it. You can find a longer three colour gradient tutorial here.

easy-gradient-nails-tutorial (3)

easy-gradient-nails-tutorial (6)

I started off with OPI Alpine Snow as a base. I then used a make up sponge, OPI Alpine Snow and Nail Inc. New York Noir polishes to form the gradient. I got the sponge from Born Pretty Store, find it here.

I deliberately chose a very contrasting colours. I wouldn’t say this is a perfect gradient. Some polishes seem to mix better than others, depends on the formula and opacity of the polishes I think.

I decided to make the gradient more interesting and added lace stamps with MoYou London Bridal plate 07 (seems to be out of stock at the moment). Love the final look!

easy-gradient-nails-tutorial (9)

easy-gradient-nails-tutorial (10)

Thanks for checking out my easy gradient nails tutorial and stamping nail art! xxx

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