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Fancy Gloss Cool Waves

Hello and happy Sunday! I am getting through my Rainbow Collection haul slowly, but surely. Today I have swatched Fancy Gloss Cool Waves nail polish for you. Fancy Gloss Cool Waves is a thermal polish. Unfortunately this beauty was also purchased during a pre-sale and is not in stock at the moment. This is such as shame because it is BEAUTIFUL!

Cool Waves is a polish that is dark blue in its cold state and neon green in the warm state. I prefer the warm state, it is unbelievably bright! The dark blue is nice too, especially how beautiful the flakes look against a dark base. When in-between the cold and warm state, the polish looks like a dull teal… I don’t like that shade much to be honest.

Fancy Gloss Cool Waves is packed with fuchsia/molten flakes and therefore unfortunately I found it not the greatest to apply. I felt that the flakes made it a bit gloopy. It was opaque in two coats, however took quite a bit to dry (even under fast dry top coat) because it applies so thick (again, becasue of the flakes).

Anyway, here is is in all it’s glory…

Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love swatching indie polishes! They are always so unique and stunning. And I am loving the flakie finish that is super popular at the moment! If you enjoyed these swatches, check out my other indie polish swatches here.

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