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Fancy Gloss Poisonous

Hello! Just a quick post today showing you Fancy Gloss Poisonous nail polish with some nail art.

I am wearing Fancy Gloss Poisonous nail polish on my index and pinky fingers. Poisonous is a tri-thermal polish. In its warm state it is pale lilac polish, it turns into warm purple in slightly colder temperature and in proper cold it turns black. It is also full of some colourful glass fleck glitter. Truth to be told, I much prefer it in its cold state and the middle state didn’t really appear naturally on my short nails.

I got it from Rainbow Connection during the pre-sale and it looks like it is completely sold out everywhere now.

I am also wearing matte top coat (now discontinued) Rimmel Matte Pro Finish.

If you are curious how I created the flowers, check out my Instagram #reels

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