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Flocking powder poodle

So today I received few packages from Hong Kong. What we, lacquer lovers, would do without the cheap supplies from Asia lol. I received 4 glass files, paid £1 for 4. Paying £0.25 per piece with shipping is much more appreciated than paying over £1 per piece here.  I also ordered some flocking powder. I found a great deal where a pack of 12 shades costed £1.99 with shipping included. Colors ended up being a bit darker than on the eBay store photos but I was still over the moon with the buy. Locally the cheapest flocking powder I have seen was £2.99 for one shade.

Here you can see my first creation with the flocking powder. I was inspired by Radi-d‘s nail design. She is very creative and talented artist and I really enjoy reading her blog.


20130226-Nails-8251 20130226-Nails-8255 20130226-Nails-8262
Have you used flocking powder? Feel free to post your creative flocking powder nails in the comments :)

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