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French manicure with flowers

Hello, Tonight I am showing you my French manicure with flowers. It seems as I am now obsessed with flowers. And tutorials. There is another flower tutorial prepared for you :) Today’s tutorial is a bit different however as I painted with my left hand (I am right handed), see if you can tell! :D

french-manicure-with-flowers (3)

french-manicure-with-flowers (4)

I started off with using Nail Envy as a base on my tips, then added two coats of Nails Inc. Mayfair (swatches here).

I then cleaned up the smile line using my clean-up brush and acetone. I then added another layer of nail envy to base-coat my whole nail.

french-manicure-with-flowers (5)

french-manicure-with-flowers (6)

french-manicure-with-flowers (7)

I then used an old and cheap nail art brush to apply Whisper by Dark Metal Lacquer in a thin line on the smile line. I always use old/cheap brushes when working with polish as polish and cleaning them with acetone ruins the brushes. I would never do that to my precious Kolinsky brushes as they are not as easily available.

For the flowers I used Neon pink acrylic paint from Hobbycraft, Titanium White by Reeves and BrillBird nr 39 (yellow) acrylic colour.

For the leaves I used Titanium White by Reeves, Viridian Green by Colvin&Co, Bahama Blue by Americana and BrillBird nr 39 acrylic paints.

And to see how it all went down check the video below.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you liked my French manicure with flowers xxx

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