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Go Nail Polish nr91

Hello! Today I have a weird nail polish to show you. Go Nail Polish nr91 is a polish I can’t remember acquiring, but somehow it has found its way to my collection.

Based on my internet research, Go Nail Polish isn’t very popular. That is to say, it is basically unknown. I found out that Go Cosmetics is a Manchester based company, but they don’t seem to have a website or any social media presence. In fact, I found out that even on eBay, there is only one seller selling a limited range of Go Cosmetics products.

To be fair, based on the quality of the polish, I am not too bothered abut it not being hugely available. I love the colour however. It is a dark purple-red polish full of blue shimmer. It really reminds me one of my lemmings – Urban Decay Bruise. Unfortunately, it is not as purple as I would like it to be.

On the swatches I am wearing three coats of polish. Application wise the polish was acceptable, but not the easiest to spread. It also had some bubbles or some larger particles in the formula. It left the finish not as smooth as I would like (obviously this would be an easy fix with a top coat).

On the swatches I am not wearing any top coat. Regardless of the overall low quality, the polish dried fairly fast.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Go Nail Polish nr91 swatches. See you soon! xxx

Nail Lacquer UK rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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