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Holiday Nails

Hi friends, I’m greeting you from Estonia today! My holiday has started and it has been fun so far! I even bought 2 new polishes today, however first I would like to show you my holiday nails that I made before leaving.

estonian nail art (1)

I picked these traditional field flowers for my accent nail because there are big fields full of rye with the occasional patches of poppies and cornflowers in the way to my holiday house. In addition, cornflower is Estonia’s national flower so I just had to find a way to put it on my nails.

estonian nail art (3)

The white base is Sinful Colors- Snow me white. If you like any other color, ask for the name as as I used too many to list.

estonian nail art (2)

The big poppy looks a bit different than the poppies we see in the fields. It looks more like the garden poppies my grandmother has, they are bigger than the field ones and the color is more red than orange. Years ago they used to grow them in fields, for the poppy seeds, however as you can make some kind of opium from the plant, it is now illegal to grow them in batches.

estonian nail art (4)

Thanks fro reading, I hope you liked my holiday nails! xx

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