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Nail Lacquer UK News

Hello! I’m here with some Nail Lacquer UK news for you tonight. It is just to update you that I have released a new collection of polishes.

It is a VERY limited edition, as per usual. I am really enjoying creating a lot of different polishes (opposite to creating a select few different ones, but many copies). I just find it a little boring, but marketing wise, it would probably be more wise… But, I’m not in it for the success and sales, I really just bloody enjoy creating different nail polishes. And I enjoy wearing the colours, and I really, really enjoy seeing other people wearing the colours I created.

Anyway, the latest collection of polishes was inspired by one of my favourite shows, Arrested Development. It is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I usually prefer UK based shows (Father Ted being one of my top favourites!), but this one really is excellent.

Army Had a Half Day is dedicated to Buster Bluth’s short career in the army.

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake is dedicated to G.O.B’s constant failures.

Marry Me! is dedicated to Maeby Fünke’s success as an underage movie producer.

Motherboy is dedicated to the annual mother-son dinner and dance event. Lucille and Buster have participated in it for many years. It is not to be confused with the ’70s rock band Motherboy.

I’m Afraid I just Blue Myself is dedicated to the ever so blue Tobias Fünke.

Never Nude is dedicated to Tobias Fünke who would rather wear blue paint than be naked.

Taste My Sad is dedicated to G.O.B and his sad childhood which he is still recovering from.

Spring Breakout is dedicated to wild spring break parties, “Alliance approved” daring escapes and mindboggling tricks.

No Sugar for You! is dedicated to Lucille Bluth’s excellent parenting style.

Her? is dedicated to… Her?.. Egg?

As any true fan of Arrested Development knows, There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand.

I hope you like the collection :) Currently, all the polishes are still available in my shop here.

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