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Max & More Neon Nail Polish

Hello and happy July!?! Where has time gone and how is it July already? I have a been a bit busy the past few months as I started a new job in April and somehow time has flown by. Anyhow, I have Max & More Neon Nail Polish set swatched for you today.

Max & More Neon Nail Polish review

Above all, this Max & More Neon Nail polish set was a bargain at £1 (for all six colours!). I got it from good old Poundland. Admittedly the bottles are tiny holding a mere 3.5ml of polish. They do come well presented in a nice little pink box with a window to see all the colours. The bottle caps also have a super cute shine to them and the brushes are small, but good enough for decent application.

Application wise the polishes were wearable with two coats. As of the set being being ‘neon’, I don’t think so haha. That is to say that there were at least two colours I would count as neon.

Whereas I found the application smooth, I wasn’t impressed with the drying time. It seemed to vary between the polishes, but by the end of the day, I would recommend topping them up with a fast dry top coat. On the swatches below I ma wearing all polishes with no top coat.

Overall some colours were very impressive and gorgeous, however some were definitely not my cup of tea (I’m talking about you Flashing Yellow).

Screaming Green

A neon green polish with shimmer finish.

Flashing Yellow

A pale yellow polish with a strong pearl effect. I don’t see myself leaving the house wearing this polish, sorry!

Smashing Orange

A neon orange polish with shimmer finish.

Kicking Pink

A bright pink polish with pearl finish. This totally reminds me of typical pearly polish I used to wear back in the 90’s lol.

Splashing Purple

This is a bright, but dark magenta purple polish with shimmer finish. Very, very pretty!

Shocking Blue

A beautiful turquoise (more turquoise than the photos) polish with shimmer finish. Definitely another one of my favourites!

Overall this is definitely a fabulous little collection with some pretty and wearable polish and some that will likely never see daylight.

By the way, this is not the first time i have reviewed Max& More nail polish, check out this old post here ;)

Thanks for reading xxx

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