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OPI I Theodora You

Hello, a quick OPI I Theodora You swatch to show you tonight. I hope you all are having a great Bank Holiday Weekend. I have been working my… khm brain… off on this very last assignment that is due tomorrow! Due to being on some placement days the past week I have also kept my nails rather work appropriate.

OPI I Theodora You is a sheer pink polish with creme finish. It is from the OPI Wizard Of Oz Collection. On the swatches I am wearing three coats of polish with Poshe top coat. The photos are taken FIVE days after applying the polish and there is not even tip wear! Not sure if it’s the awesome polish or the awesome top coat or the combination of both (or I have been sitting my hands on my lap doing nothing the past five days lol) :P No but really, a perfect sheer pink with long lasting finish, cannot ask for more.

OPI-I-Theodora-You (1)

OPI-I-Theodora-You (2)

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are well. I am feeling awful as I have not been able to read any blogs in the past few weeks and I really miss it. Hope to be back soon!! xoxox

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