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Orchid nail art tutorial

Hello, I hope you all are well and about to enjoy the weekend! I am showing you my nails of the day with an additional orchid nail art tutorial today.

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (6)

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (3)

I have already declared my love towards the OPI Hello Flamingo collection several times but I can not get over how much I love each and every polish from that collection! I am wearing OPI Feel the Mo-heat-oes Green as a base for my orchid nail art (two coats).

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (8)

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (1)

Orchid nail art tutorial

I drew the flowers using acrylic paints. For the orchid branches I mixed ochre yellow, sap green and titanium white colours. For the leaves I used sap green paint. For the orchid blossoms I used crimson red and titanium white. I drew with Kolinsky sable size 0 brush.

I didn’t want the video to be too long so I cut it down a lot but I think it demonstrates quite well how I drew the orchids and other details. I am about to upload a even shorter tutorial over at my IG account.

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (2)

orchid-nail-art-tutorial (7)

Thanks for checking out my nails of the day and orchid nail art tutorial, let me know if you have any questions. xxx

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