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Rainbow trees nail art

Hello! Now, let’s think how long we have not seen proper nail art on this blog… way too long if you ask me!

I’m sure you have all seen the big birthday nail art collaborations at Instagram. I was invited to take part of Cat’s (Nailastrophic on IG) birthday collaboration by Caroline (Tinkerbell1970s on IG). The theme was Rainbow trees which I think is the most perfect theme for autumn.

For this look I used OPI Mod About You as a base (swatched here). I created the trees freehand using mostly Nail Perfect nail art paints (available here). I can’t say that I would recommend these acrylic paints however… the formulas aren’t as pigmented as one would expect from the price range. The paints are fine for nail art like this, but they are not great for one stroke which is my favourite type of medium for nail art.

And I obviously had to try out a matte version :) Here it is with Rimmel Pro Matte Finish.

I think I prefer the matte version!

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