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Sally Hansen Scream Frost

Hello and happy weekend! This weekend sure came along quick. Today I am showing you a polish I swatched ages ago. It’s called Sally Hansen Scream Frost. I dug his out from my vintage nail polish collection.

Sally Hansen Scream Frost

Scream Frost is an intense cobalt blue polish with a shimmer finish. It is from the Sally Hansen Colour Fast range. I’m not really sure about the years this range was produced or how popular it was. For example, my Google research shows that it is not a polish that has been swatched or photographed a lot.

Based on the year marked on the bottle (1998) this polish is 22 years old. Regardless of the age, it is still very usable. That is to say, the formula is not perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the polish applied lovely, but the blue staining was instant and tough. I really love the colour, but I could not wear it. I know that with this level of staining, I would suffer from blue nail syndrome for the next three months.

If you want to read more about Sally Hansen and the brand history, check out this blog post here. If you just want to see more vintage swatches, check out these posts here.

To conclude. This is pretty, but too blue! Haha thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend :) xxx

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