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Zoya Aggie

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I am showing you Zoya Aggie nail polish from my recent Zoya haul.

I visited Nail Polish Direct website last month and noticed that they had some beautiful Zoya nail polishes on sale. The sale price was/is £4.21 (plus free shipping). I ordered four polishes in total: Aggie (which I am showing you today), Opal, Rayne and Anastasia. When I received my order, I realised that I had duplicated not only ONE, but TWO polishes. Apart form this, I was very happy with my order.

I am still in disbelief that I managed to re-buy Rayne and Anastasia. On further inspection, I realised that I had bought both about a year ago from the same website for less money. Can you imagine that!? And this is why one should be more conscious when making purchases.

Zoya Aggie review

Aggie is a beautiful duo chrome metallic polish. The main colour of the polish is burnished gold. It also demonstrates some strong green undertones in certain angles. Moreover, when you look at the polish REALLY close, it has some golden flecks in the formula. These obviously (or unfortunately?) are not visible when you look at the polish from a normal distance.

I mostly like this polish because it is not quite your usual gold polish. I compared it with golden polishes in my collection, and it stands out as little bit different and more green compared to others. Furthermore, it is also not your usual green metallic polish. Subsequently, it’s a combination of both, and a very pretty one indeed!

On the swatches I am showing three coats with no top coat. Zoya polishes come with a thin brush, nevertheless, the application was smooth for me.

Thanks for reading! I hope I will find time to wear and blog about the other beautiful polishes I purchased soon.

Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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