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OPI Swatch Marathon Part 3

Hello! As you can see, the OPI swatch marathon is going well. We are already on the third part. Today I am showing you my OPI polishes from 2003.

OPI Altar Ego

Altar Ego was released in spring 2003. It was part of one of the first Soft Shades collections. Furthermore, the particular collection was called Bridal Collection. Altar Ego is a sheer white polish full of lilac shimmer.

Since its original release, Altar Ego has been added to the Soft Shades permanent collection. Subsequently, the polish I have swatched below is from the permanent collection rather than the original release as it has a green label (and therefore was released after 2006). Consequently, this means that it is 3-free and doesn’t have the bad smell most of the older OPI’s have!

OPI Friar, Friar, pants on Fire

Friar, Friar, pants on Fire was released later in the year (autumn) as part of the British Collection.

It is a bright red polish with a beautiful shimmer finish. The shimmer in this polish is just perfect! I am wearing just two coats with no top coat. No sure why this beauty isn’t part of the permanent collection.

OPI La Boheme

La Boheme was released in 2003 as part of OPI’s winter/holiday collection called Holiday on Broadway. It is quite known and sought-after vintage polish, most likely because it contains the original unicorn pee pigment.

La Boheme is a dark red polish full of orange to green shimmery unicorn pigment. It has a gorgeous formula, but it is a little bit on the sheer side. On the swatches I am wearing three coats of polish with no top coat.

Sorry for the photo spam, but La Boheme is just so beautiful and such a pleasure to photograph! However, the green capabilities of the unicorn pee pigment are not very visible in this polish (with the exception of what is seen in the bottle haha).

If you are after a possible dupe for La Boheme, check out this blog post here.

OPI Man of la Mancha is another beautiful polish that was released as part of the Holiday on Brodway Collection. I actually swatched in not too long ago. Rather than swatching it again, I will leave you a direct link to my old blog post here.

I hope you have enjoyed my OPI Swatch Marathon Part 3, I know I sure have enjoyed swatching these beauties! xxx

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