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Sally Hansen Color Fast

Hello! So, I have acquired a lot of vintage Sally Hansen Color Fast recently. Therefore I decided that instead of doing separate blog posts, I will just put them all in one blog post.

I did show one of the polishes (possibly the prettiest!) already last month. If you want to see this one, check out this blog post.

Sally Hansen Color Fast review

Overall all the Sally Hansen Color Fast polishes are on the opaque side. Especially the shimmery ones. I did find that most of them had some formula issues. For example, often leaving bumps and bubbles on the nail. This is something that a layer of top coat could improve however (I am wearing top coat on the first image). Something the top coat can not help with (and even base coat unfortunately!), are the staining properties of these polishes.

Due to the rather awkward formulas, I have a feeling that these polishes will be bringing me joy as shelf fillers rather than something I will be putting on my nails for more than swatching. On the other hand, these polishes are over 20 year old, so maybe it’s time to let them enjoy their retirement haha.

If you do fancy buying some, I got most of mine form this seller here at eBay.

Jealous Frost

Secret Frost

Desire Frost

Drive Creme

Mocha Ice Frost

Bare Bare Creme

Huh! This was a long post. I hope you enjoyed it :)

If you want to read more about Sally Hansen and the brand history, check out this blog post here. If you just want to see more vintage swatches, check out these posts here.

Thanks for reading xx

Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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