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Halloween nail art

Hello! Just a quick but picture heavy post to show you my Halloween nail art.

Based on the recent news of my engagement I decided to wear Corpse Bride inspired nail art for this year’s Halloween. I was meant to go out in Manchester but unfortunately coming down with a cold so probably will end up celebrating in bed feeling sorry for myself :(

Overall plan was to mix freehand and stamping techniques and go over the top as much as possible (typical Ave!).

On my left ring finger and right index finger I am wearing freehand nail art drawn on top of three coats of GlamLac Sea Breeze (swatches here). I was inspired by Instagram user leda_7 for the Corpse Bride (hers is much better tho!!).

The little hand with red nails and gold ring was my own creation. Cheesy, I know :P

Halloween-nail-art (4)

Halloween-nail-art (6)

Halloween-nail-art (9)

For stamping I used MoYou Nails Black stamping polish (review here). As a base on the stamped fingers I used two coats of Gelish Arctic Freeze (white) or three coats of Gelish Good Gossip (red glitter in red jelly base).

The stamps are from this Aliexpress seller. 12 plates only costed me about £6.50 with free shipping and I got to pick out of 44 different plates. The ones I have tried so far work really well. I just LOVE the butterfly stamp, it’s quite large but looks so pretty! I also love the stripes and the swirls and… all of them!

The stripes took about 50 go’s to get perfectly straight :P That’s why I love gel polish as a base- you can have as many go’s as you need.

For the glitter gradients I used loose glitter. I brushed it on a wet layer of MegaMix (review here) and then cured, buffed off sharp bits and then stamped and top coated.

Halloween-nail-art (11)

Halloween-nail-art (1)

Halloween-nail-art (14)

Halloween-nail-art (12)

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween nail art, I would love to see what’s on your nails this Halloween! xxx

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