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Leopard nails tutorial

Hello! A very bright leopard nails tutorial for you today using polishes from the latest Cirque Colors summer collection [emoji smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes]. You can find the swatches of all the polishes in this collection here.

leopard-nails-tutorial (6)

In addition to the bright polishes and the holographic top coat, I also used Cirque Colors Carpe Diem (white) as a base and Memento Mori (black).

leopard-nails-tutorial (3)

As of tools I used dotting tools. The largest dot for the heart shaped leopard spots and smaller size for the colourful spots. I used the smallest dotting tool end for the black spots.

leopard-nails-tutorial (2)

Check the video tutorial below to see how I put it all together.

I liked creating this design because I didn’t have to worry about neatness, just throwing spots here and there pretty much created the whole look and the result was not bad at all [emoji cat face with wry smile].

One thing I would look out for is that after a bit nail polish starts to dry and you’ll get tiny strings coming from the spots. When this starts happening add another fresh drop of nail polish on your palette or mix the older dot with tiny drop of acetone.

leopard-nails-tutorial (1)

Using fast dry top coat was quite important because some of the drops went on quite thick and I reckon they would take ages to dry without the help of a fast dry top coat.

Thanks for checking out my leopard nails tutorial [emoji kissing cat face with closed eyes] xxx

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