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Morgan Taylor Do Wop and OPI Comet in the Sky.

Hello and happy Friday! Another busy week has come to an happy end, during this busy week one of the manicures I was wearing included Morgan Taylor Do Wop and OPI Comet in the Sky.

morgan-taylor-doo-wop-and-opi-comet-in-the-sky (7)

morgan-taylor-doo-wop-and-opi-comet-in-the-sky (10)

swatched Comet in the Sky back when it was first released but since then sold my original one but kinda ended up regretting it and just recently bought it again. I like it but at the same time feel like it’s not a polish you actually NEED that much as it’s quite boring lol. But I did wear it for a few days and it looked good.

morgan-taylor-doo-wop-and-opi-comet-in-the-sky (9)

morgan-taylor-doo-wop-and-opi-comet-in-the-sky (6)

I wore three coats of Morgan Taylor Do Wop as a base. It’s a yellow polish with pearl finish. Do Wop didn’t have the best formula but it looked good after three coats of colour, glitter topper and a layer of top coat.

morgan-taylor-doo-wop-and-opi-comet-in-the-sky (8)

On my middle fingers I was wearing flower stamps using Qgirl 003 plate and MoYou Nails Black stamping polish.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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