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NAF! Stuff PRO autumn and winter cuticle oils

Hello! Today I am showing and describing you the NAF! Stuff PRO autumn and winter cuticle oils.

Firstly, I am a little late posting the autumn scents, I know I did a sneak peek back in October. These were released a couple of weeks ago and will be on sale until the end of December or until the stocks last. I know all of them sold out really fast after they were released, but they will be restocked on Wednesday this week at 9am. I’m not too surprised that these were sold out quickly, because SALTED CARAMEL!

Cinnamon Apple

Cinnamon Apple, as the name indicates, is a cuticle oil that shells of cinnamon and apple. I would describe the scent as leaning more on the cinnamon side and and it’s not sweet or spicy per se, just a little woodsy and warm.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is, as the name indicates, the most delicious smelling cuticle oil you can imagine. I am a huge fan of salted caramel overall and really love this as a cuticle oil scent. Again, it’s not overly sweet scent, but just perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Winter Berries

Winter Berries is the first new scent form the winter release. I can’t recognise a specific berry form the smell, but I’d describe it as a very fresh, fruity (a little citrus maybe) and sweet smell. Again, very nice!


Gingerbread nail oil scent doesn’t remind me of gingerbread, but it is the most Christmassy scent you can imagine. It doesn’t smell sweet at all. I would describe it as very fragrant, spiced and woody. It seems to have an excellent cocktail of spices and floral scents. Quite unique for a cuticle oil.

I have been using the combination of all of them frequently. I would say that they all perform very well as cuticle oils. The cuticle pen is very convenient to use, however on the small side considering that they only contain 3.5ml of product. I do like using the pen brush to apply the oil and penetrate all the areas around my cuticles.

The NAF! Stuff PRO autumn and winter cuticle oil formulas are very moisturing and not overly oily. All the scents are very pleasant. If I would have to choose my top favourite, I would choose Cinnamon Apple. Winter Berries closely behind however.

These and many more NAF! Stuff products are available here. If you don’t have a Pro account, you can buy the nail oils from one of the stocklists here.

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